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Explore and Exchange Knowledge Globally

We are dedicated to facilitating the exploration and exchange of knowledge globally. Through our innovative platform, individuals and organizations can connect, share insights, and develop skills across various fields. Join us to expand your knowledge horizons and contribute to a more connected and informed community.

Penerbit Surya Hijau Manfaat knows as SHM Publisher, an academic publisher under the auspices of PT. Surya Hijau Manfaat, is committed to playing an active role in research and knowledge dissemination worldwide. With a strong dedication to enhancing knowledge contributions, SHM Publisher focuses on supporting researchers, educators, and students. The publisher actively collaborates with academic and professional organizations to expand beneficial networks. Founded in Semarang, located at Jl. Karanglo Raya No. 64, Gemah, Pedurungan, Semarang, Indonesia. This publisher is highly dedicated to disseminating the research results of lecturers and practitioners. Apart from that, it also encourages laboratory activities to discover new things that are beneficial to society. This publisher collaborates with associations and laboratories managed by experts in their fields. This publisher also provides scholarships to students to continue their studies and opens up internship opportunities for active students.

Become the global leader in publishing, supporting sustainability and green innovation.

  1. Produce high-quality publications that support education and global literacy.
  2. Integrate environmentally friendly practices into all aspects of our publishing operations.
  3. Continuously innovate in publishing technologies and methodologies to enhance our impact and reach.

Working together towards a sustainable and impactful future through publishing excellence.


Your trusted partner for journal publications, book publishing with ISBN, copyright protection, and proofreading services.

Journal Publication

We provide comprehensive services for publishing academic and professional journals, ensuring high-quality content and wide dissemination.

Book Publishing – ISBN

Our book publishing service includes obtaining ISBNs, offering authors a professional and credible platform to publish and distribute their work globally.

Copyright Publishing (IPR)

We assist in the publication and protection of intellectual property rights, ensuring that creators retain and manage their rights effectively.

Proofreading Services

We offer meticulous proofreading services to enhance the clarity, accuracy, and overall quality of manuscripts and publications.

Discover the world of knowledge with our exclusive range of books, meticulously crafted to inspire and educate. At SHM Publisher, we don’t just publish books; we bring your stories to life. Our comprehensive publishing services include everything from editing and design to obtaining ISBNs and global distribution. Partner with us to share your unique voice and insights with the world. Let’s turn your manuscript into a masterpiece with SHM Publisher.

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