SHM Publisher, an academic publisher under the auspices of PT. Surya Hijau Manfaat, is committed to playing an active role in research and knowledge dissemination worldwide. With a strong dedication to enhancing knowledge contributions, SHMPublisher focuses on supporting researchers, educators, and students. The publisher actively collaborates with academic and professional organizations to expand beneficial networks. Founded in Semarang, located at Jl. Karanglo No. 64, Semarang, Indonesia. This publisher is highly dedicated to disseminating the research results of lecturers and practitioners. Apart from that, it also encourages laboratory activities to discover new things that are beneficial to society.
This publisher collaborates with associations and laboratories managed by experts in their fields.
This publisher also provides scholarships to students to continue their studies, as well as opening up internship opportunities for active students.

About Us

SHM Publisher, as a private institution, harbors a clear and robust vision to be an active pioneer in the realms of research and knowledge dissemination. We are fully committed to developing and supporting a range of academic initiatives, focusing on enhancing the quality and accessibility of scientific information. Through strategic collaborations with various institutions and academic communities, SHM Publisher aims to establish itself as a center of excellence in research and education, bringing about a wide-reaching positive impact on society and the global community.

Core Values

At SHM Publisher, our core values are the guiding principles that shape our approach and commitment to research, education, and community engagement. These values not only define who we are but also direct us in making decisions and forging partnerships. With a steadfast belief in these principles, we are dedicated to making a significant and positive impact in every aspect of our work.

Positive Thinking and Integrity

We believe that positive thinking, coupled with high integrity, leads to superior quality. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and consistency, and take responsibility for our work outcomes.

Work Hard and Collaboration

Committed to working tirelessly and establishing beneficial cooperations for all parties involved. By collaborating , we continually strive to advance the field of science.

Make it Happen

Our focus is on research and technology for the development of civilization, aiming to achieve outcomes that bring greater benefits to humanity.

Have Fun

We believe in enjoying the fruits of our endeavors with shared joy and happiness, creating benefits for society and spreading happiness to all.

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