Logistics 4.0 operation transformation determinant factors

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Nazarudin Bujang
Yosza Dasril
Shahrul Nizam


The phenomenal growth of e-commerce and online purchase have greatly impacted global logistics industry. As a results, integration of Logistics and Industry Revolution 4.0 is inevitable due to increasing complexities and strong needs to fulfill demanding customer responsiveness. The term Logistics4.0 is coined to reflect the integration of smart systems in industrial logistics which transformed the entire logistics operation and it is getting high focus from researchers and industry practitioners. This article focused on the influential factors which contributed towards Logistics4.0 operation transformation. The business feasibility, workforce competency and technology readiness factors were evaluated thoroughly which provided essential and critical insights to the global logistics industry as it embarked towards smart Logistics4.0.

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Bujang, N., Dasril, Y., & Nizam, S. (2023). Logistics 4.0 operation transformation determinant factors. Journal of Numerical Optimization and Technology Management, 1(1), 42-45. Retrieved from https://shmpublisher.com/index.php/jnotm/article/view/220
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