Detection and prediction of rice plant diseases using convolutional neural network (CNN) method

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Reyhan Dzaki Sheva Pahlawanto
Halimah Salsabila
Kusuma Ratna Pratiwi


Rice is a basic staple food in many Asian countries and is generally irreplaceable. Rice accounts for almost half of Asia food expenditure. Rice is too a crop that is prone to plant disease. It can appear and cause a decline in the quality of rice. However, constant monitoring of the rice fields can prevent the infection of the disease. Therefore, detection and prediction of rice plant diseases is one of the topics that will be discussed in this research. The purpose of this research is to help farmers to quickly pinpoint the disease of rice plants and take care of it properly. The methods used in this paper is researching and redesigning the previous attempt to hopefully make it better and more accurate. We will be using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) models VGG16 as our algorithm. The results are that our proposed method has more accuracy than previous research using a similar dataset. The novelty of this paper is the increased accuracy of rice plant disease detection.

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