Flying Trap (Fly-T): An Automatic Termite Trapping Based on IoT and Hybrid Energy System using NodeMCU

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Ryo Pambudi
Much Aziz Muslim


This paper proposes an automated productive caste termite trap device based on a hybrid energy system and the Internet of Things called Flying Trap (Fly-T). This tool is equipped with ultraviolet light with a frequency of 365 nm which is used to attract termites to enter and trap into Fly-T storage tank until they die. Dead termites will be detected by an ultrasonic sensor with a certain limit value then the relay cuts off electric current so that the light turns off and the tank door automatically opens to expel dead termites. The automatic control system on Fly-T is built using the NodeMCU ESP32 microcontroller to optimize the performance of sensors, relays, servo, and wifi connections in recording data to an IoT-based cloud database. The Fly-T is also controlled by command via a Telegram Bot equipped with solar panels and a windmill turbine generator. The results show that Fly-T can run automatically, easily, and save time efficiently, and is environmentally friendly.

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Pambudi, R., & Muslim, M. A. (2023). Flying Trap (Fly-T): An Automatic Termite Trapping Based on IoT and Hybrid Energy System using NodeMCU. Journal of Electronics Technology Exploration, 1(2), 71 - 76.


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