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1 Sulistiana, S., Muslim, M.A. Support vector machine ( svm ) optimization using grid search and unigram to improve ecommerce review accuracy 1 (1) 2020 13 cited
2 Saputra, R.H., Prasetyo, B. Improve the accuracy of C4.5 algortithm using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) feature selection and bagging technique in breast cancer diagnosis 1 (1) 2020 8 cited
3 Prihanditya, H.A. The implementation of z-score normalization and boosting techniques to increase accuracy of c4.5 algorithm in diagnosing chronic kidney disease 1 (1) 2020 7 cited
4 Falasari, A., Muslim, M.A. Optimize Näve Bayes Classifier Using Chi Square and Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency For Amazon Review Sentiment Analysis 3 (1) 2022 4 cited
5 Tiffani, I. E. Optimization of Naïve Bayes Classifier By Implemented Unigram, Bigram, Trigram for Sentiment Analysis of Hotel Review 1 (1) 2020 4 cited
6 Lestari, A, Alamsyah Increasing accuracy of C4.5 algorithm using information gain ratio and Adaboost for classification of chronic kidney disease 1 (1) 2020 4 cited
7 Khojah, H.A., Mosa, M.A. Multi-Objective optimization for multi-satellite scheduling task: Multi-objective optimization for multi-satellite scheduling task 3 (1) 2022 3 cited
8 Budiman, K., Ifriza, Y. N. Analysis of earthquake forecasting using random forest 2 (2) 2021 3 cited
9 Hazimah, N., Harahap, S., Amirullah, A., Saputro, M.B., Tamaroh, I.A. Classification of potential customers using C4. 5 and k-means algorithms to determine customer service priorities to maintain loyalty 3 (2) 2022 2 cited
10 Suciningsih, I. G. A., Hidayat, M. A., Hapsari, R. A. Comparation analysis of Naive Bayes and decision tree C4.5 for Caesarean section prediction 2 (1) 2021 2 cited
11 Wulandari, R., Surarso, B., Irawanto, B. The forecasting of palm oil-based on fuzzy time series-two factor 1 (1) 2021 2 cited
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14 Hamonangan, R., Saputro, M.B., Atmaja, C.B.S.D.K. Accuracy of classification poisonous or edible of mushroom using naïve bayes and k-nearest neighbors  2 (1) 2021 2 cited
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