This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable. This issue has been available online since March 4th, 2024 for the regular issue of March 2024. All articles in this issue ( 13 original research article) were authored/co-authored by 43 authors from 4 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Libya).



Published: 2024-03-04

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A sentiment analysis of madura island tourism news using C4.5 algorithm

Vina Angelina Savitri, Moh. Sa’id, Husni Husni, Arif Muntasa


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Improved playstore review sentiment classification accuracy with stacking ensemble

Dwi Budi Santoso, Aliyatul Munna, Dewi Handayani Untari Ningsih


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Air quality monitoring using multi node slave IoT

Faisal Fajri Rahani, Haris Imam Karim Fathurrahman


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An optimum hyperparameters of restnet-50 for orchid classification based on convolutional neural network

Nukat Alvian Ideastari, Christy Atika Sari, Edi Faisal, Zaenal Arifin, Andi Danang Krismawan, Muslih Muslih


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Measuring the usability effectiveness of using card menus and tree menus in school web applications

Hadiq Hadiq, Solehatin Solehatin, Djuniharto Djuniharto, Much Aziz Muslim


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Light sensor optimization based on finger blood estimation and IoT-integrated

Haris Imam Karim Fathurrahman, Bambang Robi'in, Sigit Suryo Saputro, Sudaryanti Sudaryanti


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A new CNN model integrated in onion and garlic sorting robot to improve classification accuracy

Apri Dwi Lestari, Atta Ullah Khan, Dwika Ananda Agustina Pertiwi, Much Aziz Muslim


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Using genetic algorithm feature selection to optimize XGBoost performance in Australian credit

Dwika Ananda Agustina Pertiwi, Kamilah Ahmad, Shahrul Nizam Salahudin, Ahmed Mohamed Annegrat, Much Aziz Muslim


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